About Us

Who we are

Dexter Angels is an exclusive network of select investors providing capital to early stage startups. We partner with passionate entrepreneurs building ventures operating in large or new markets. We work together with the companies post investment to help them grow.

We believe great outcomes for an investment firm happens because of the great entrepreneurs it backs. We are trusted partners of entrepreneurs in their journey. An entrepreneur can think of us as a sounding board and can count on our support. We listen, act with speed and follow a non-intrusive approach. Our entrepreneurs can call us anytime for assistance. Our network of investors, mentors & experts is invaluable and contributes to the success of our entrepreneurs

Investment Philosophy


At Dexter Angels we are excited about the thriving Indian Startup ecosystem which is going through a virtuous cycle. India's unique digital infrastructure is driving innovation. India stack has been the game changer in bringing technological inclusion of citizens. There has been a continuous addition of startup hubs in the country which is fostering growth of startups focussed on the rural India i.e. "Bharat".

Habits of Indian consumers and enterprises are changing. At Dexter Angels we are looking for ventures leveraging these insights and solving large or new problems for their customers through scalable technology. We don't get swayed by whats happening in the market and we believe great returns can be achieved by investing in businesses solving genuine critical problems for their customers

Our Focus

Themes which excites us are SME digitisation, Tech based education, Improvement in quality and affordability of Healthcare, Financial and technological inclusion of Bharat, Consumer brands for the new and demanding Indian consumer, SAAS being built in India for the world.



Consumer Brands